About the Royal Yeomanry App

The RY App, a part of the Military App is a digital community platform for veterans, serving soldiers and their family that is strengthening connection, building support and driving in-person engagement.

The RY App is accessible from your mobile smartphone (on the Mobile App) or through this website (on the Web-App). Both the Mobile and Web-App access the same system, so once you are registered you can access both using the same sign-in details.

The Royal Yeomanry has its own private homepage / Pinboard and groups, however, this sits on top of the full Military App community, providing members with a far deeper access to localised activity, a higher quality of support and ways to connect and engage across many Regiments and support organisations. Other regiments currently part of the Military App include the Fusiliers, the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals (and there are more in the pipeline).

Mobile App Support

If you need support downloading the Mobile App to your smartphone follow the step-by-step guide on this page. https://www.ryra.org.uk/military-app-download

After following these steps, if you are still experiencing an issue, please email help@militaryapp.org giving details of your specific problem.

Group Access Code

If you cannot find a Group Access Code (this is needed as part of registration) in recent Regimental communications, you can email help@militaryapp.org stating your Regiment, service number and that you require the Group Access Code.

Web-App Support

If you are experiencing difficulties using a smartphone you can Register on the website version of the App here. https://www.ryra.org.uk/military-app/

The steps to register are the same as for your phone (except you do not need to download an App). For a step-by-step guide for registering through the Web-App please click on the link below: